Sorting and recycling centres

From collection to processing, we are revolutionizing waste management.

Regardless of your infrastructure whether it’s a waste recycling depot, sorting center, incineration or biomass plant, wastewater treatment facility, or composting platform we have the appropriate solution for waste collection and treatment.

Le recyclage

The revealing figures of recycling

Recycling stands as a significant global concern, with the average municipal solid waste recycling rate resting at 17%, albeit varying across countries. While nations like Germany and Sweden achieve notably high rates, plastic recycling remains modest, with only a 9% rate. The recycling sector fosters sustainable employment opportunities; nevertheless, obstacles persist, including material contamination and public awareness issues. Despite these hurdles, recycling remains pivotal for global sustainability efforts.

Eco Points

Throughout Europe, there has been a remarkable expansion in both sizable sorting centers and municipal green points. To enhance the efficiency of these facilities, it’s imperative to establish control and pricing mechanisms for incoming materials intended for deposition.

Les points verts

Turnkey solution

To streamline entry and exit processes, numerous sorting and recycling centers are increasingly turning to automation for their access points. Big Gram Solution provides comprehensive systems, encompassing software, access points, and integration with components like cameras and barriers. Furthermore, these systems incorporate specially tailored weighing equipment for trucks. Such solutions address the rising need for automation in sorting and recycling centers.

Organize the collection of waste treatment with our solutions

Weighbridges play a crucial role in the waste sector, enabling precise measurement of waste and oversight of collection vehicle loads.

We provide a comprehensive array of hardware and software solutions tailored to your requirements for managing inbound and outbound flows at your facility, including within the waste sector.

Our solutions enable you to monitor the effectiveness and profitability of your waste collection and treatment operations, irrespective of their scale or type. Moreover, our vehicle weighing solutions are purpose-built to simplify the management and measurement of waste collections upon arrival at your site.


Our teams support you, from manufacturing to maintenance

Our dedication to your satisfaction commences with production and extends far beyond. Our teams stand by your side every step of the way, guaranteeing the excellence of our offerings and services, from initial setup to ongoing maintenance. With our expertise by your side, you can rely on a sustainable and effective solution to fulfill your industrial requirements.

Advantages of our weighing solutions in waste management 

  • Supervise the arrival of waste at your site.
  • Administer waste treatment flows using weighing machinery.
  • Verify the outflows of materials to waste storage or recovery centers.
  • Assess the efficiency of your operations.
  • Ensure timely collection of waste containers with our waste weighing solutions, encompassing container weighing and on-board weighing.
  • Predict whether a waste container has sufficient capacity before adding more through a mobile weighing system, thus preventing issues related to container overload.

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