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Our proficiency enables us to craft solutions aimed at enhancing profitability and process management. Big Gram is acclaimed for its exceptional weighbridges and dimensional measurement, weighing, and identification (DWS) solutions. Irrespective of your unique requirements, Big Gram provides a comprehensive array of solutions, ranging from standard offerings to tailor-made solutions, meticulously tailored to meet your exact needs.

voies routières, ferroviaires, aériennes et maritimes

Guarantee peak performance across road, rail, air, and sea routes

Logistics and transport, whether road, rail, air, or sea, require special attention to the weight of content and packaging to ensure optimal and safe operation. Complying with regulations and weight limits helps to avoid delays and logistical problems.

Optimize your logistics with our weighing solutions

With Big Gram products purposefully crafted and engineered to address the demands of daily logistics in industries and warehouses, you gain complete command over the movement of materials in and out of your facilities. Our extensive product range caters to your precise requirements, enabling you to efficiently oversee content flow within your warehouses. Whether you oversee your own warehouse or operate as a logistics provider, our solutions streamline your operations and enhance your shipping efficiency. Fully compliant with regulations and user-friendly, our solutions simplify the entry and weighing processes of your logistics operations.

Optimisez votre logistique avec nos solutions de pesages
Contrôle de conformité de poids et de volume

Weight and volume compliance check

Incorrect or inaccurately declared weights pose a significant challenge in global logistics, leading to adverse outcomes. Addressing this issue necessitates the use of suitable weighing equipment. Implementing a weight and volume compliance monitoring system, equipped with integrated load cells and real-time monitoring capabilities, can identify deviations and facilitate prompt corrective measures. This proactive approach would mitigate operational risks, minimize damages and delays, and enhance security within the supply chain.

Improve your productivity by choosing the right logistics weighing solution

As e-commerce expands and supply chains become more intricate, it’s vital for logistics firms to optimize their efficiency and precision. One pivotal solution to this challenge lies in employing advanced weighing systems. Yet, selecting the ideal weighing solution for your enterprise can be daunting.

To address the escalating needs within the logistics industry, we’ll assist you in navigating through our array of weighing solutions, including table scales, weighbridges, and automatic scales.

Discover our services tailored to your requirements

We offer comprehensive technical assistance throughout the lifespan of your measuring instruments, covering installation, preventive maintenance, calibration, and troubleshooting.

Simply select your equipment type:

  • Dimensional measurement tools for pallets and parcels
  • Weighing systems for pallet trucks
  • Tailored logistics weighing solutions for forklifts
  • Dynamic weighing of parcels

Discover our ideal weighing solutions for your logistics

Transpalette peseur pour les entrepôts et l’inventaire


Weighing pallet truck for warehouses and inventory

Pèse Platte métallique


Metal Plate Scale

Balance de table


Table scale