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Traceability and optimize efficiency at every stage of your production with quality food weighing solutions

Weighing Agri-Food industry

Similar to other industries, the food sector possesses unique weighing requirements. Indeed, achieving top performance hinges on unparalleled precision and flawless quality at every phase of the operation. In this segment, we invite you to explore how the adoption of reliable weighing solutions can enhance productivity, compliance with standards, and customer satisfaction in the agri-food domain.

Whether you operate in food production, processing, bakery, or butchery, we offer tailored solutions to suit your specific needs. Moreover, our expertise extends to various segments within the agri-food industry. From managing incoming products to pre-shipment labeling, our comprehensive range of weighing solutions for the food industry includes load cells, weighing platforms, and food scales (such as trade balances, weight balances, price computing scales, ticket scales, fruit and vegetable weighing scales), all meticulously designed to meet the sector’s distinct needs and requirements.

Répondre aux attentes des consommateurs dans le secteur agroalimentaire

Addressing consumer demands in the agri-food industry

The agri-food sector encompasses a multitude of activities, from the meat industry to the dairy industry. In addition, it includes frozen products, fruits and vegetables, as well as cereal products. In addition, it covers the sugar industry, the beverage sector, and miscellaneous food products. Faced with increasingly demanding consumers regarding the composition and origin of food products, agri-food stakeholders must meet these expectations.

It is with this in mind that Big Gram offers reliable solutions perfectly adapted to the needs of the food market, offering industry exceptional performance for impeccable traceability. By combining our weighing expertise with advanced features, we provide food industry players with the necessary tools. These tools allow them to meet the growing demands of consumers. In addition, they guarantee the quality and traceability of their products.

Enhance your agri-food processing operations with tailored solutions from Big Gram

Maximize your food processing efficiency with Big Gram’s weighing solutions, covering everything from incoming product management to labeling. Our comprehensive range of weighing solutions is specifically crafted to fulfill the unique requirements of the food industry, guaranteeing precision, traceability, and efficiency at each stage of your production process.

Exceptional benefits:

  • Arranging raw material storage procedures
  • Conducting accurate weight assessments
  • Labeling your merchandise
  • Ensuring precise outcomes to uphold product quality
Optimisez votre processus agroalimentaire avec les solutions Big Gram
Traçabilité garantie avec Big Gram

Assured traceability with Big Gram

In the agri-food sector, traceability plays a crucial role in guaranteeing food safety, encompassing both quantity and quality aspects. At Big Gram, we offer a diverse array of weighing and control solutions tailored to each stage of your production process. Our products are meticulously designed in strict adherence to the prevailing regulations within the food industry.

Ensure the traceability of raw materials from the moment they arrive at your production site! Our weighing platforms enable precise measurement of your incoming shipments.

Benefit from close monitoring of your inventory status with our load cells and weight indicators. Ensure product traceability from the receipt of raw materials to the final distribution.

Our specialized weighing solutions tailored for the agri-food sector.

Our proficiency in weighing within the food industry stems from years of dedicated experience and a steadfast commitment to excellence. We comprehend the distinct demands of this sector, where precision and quality are paramount at every production phase. Hence, we provide a comprehensive range of food weighing solutions meticulously crafted to fulfill these requisites. Whether it pertains to raw material management, quality assurance, or distribution, our expertise ensures dependable outcomes and adherence to standards. Opt for precision, opt for Big Gram for your weighing requirements in the food industry.

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Balance commerciale polyvalente


Versatile trade balance

Balance de comptage pour utilisation commerciale


Counting scale for commercial use

Balance d'étiquetage alimentaire


Food labelling scale