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Big Gram, your expert collaborator in delivering specialized solutions designed for the agricultural industry.

As a dedicated provider of agricultural weighing solutions, Big Gram is devoted to assisting farmers and agricultural enterprises in enhancing their efficiency, productivity, and product quality. Leveraging our expertise in the domain, we offer an extensive array of innovative solutions, encompassing single sensor scales, weighbridges, heavy load scales, livestock scales, sheep scales, and bagging scales. Each solution is meticulously crafted to address the distinct challenges encountered in modern agriculture. Whether for crop management, inventory tracking, or process streamlining, we stand ready to bolster your agricultural endeavors with superior products and tailored solutions.

L'évolution de notre alimentation

Addressing prevalent weighing obstacles encountered within the agricultural sector

This sector holds significant economic, social, territorial, and environmental significance.

The expansion of agricultural production primarily hinges on three factors: the enlargement of arable land, heightened crop frequency (frequently facilitated by irrigation), and enhanced yields. Maximizing these yields necessitates thorough data analysis, including weight assessments at various process stages, and the integration of suitable technological advancements.

The importance of balanced nutrition for our furry companions

Throughout the harvest season, proper storage of harvested cereals stands as a critical priority. Implementing stringent control measures is essential to uphold the highest quality standards for grains. Additionally, having suitable storage infrastructures, such as silos, is imperative. These facilities serve a pivotal role in regulating moisture levels to safeguard grain quality.

Les céréales et l'alimentation animale

The farming of olive trees and grapevines.

The harvesting and classification of olives rely on their moisture content and weight. Hence, weighing before and after pressing is vital for evaluating their quality. During harvest, weighing the crop upon arrival at the winery holds significant importance as it enables prompt processing of grapes to attain the highest possible wine quality.

Fruit cultivation

The gathering of fruit in the field and its transfer to the warehouse hinges on a pivotal process: accurately measuring weight and volume for subsequent packaging or palletizing. The traceability of individual shipments ensures that products are delivered to the market in optimal condition, thereby providing a quality guarantee.


Customized weighing solutions to meet your agricultural needs

Agricultural weighing solutions are vital for enhancing efficiency and sustainability in farming practices, encompassing crop measurement, input regulation, livestock supervision, milk production monitoring, and farm vehicle tracking.

Our comprehensive agricultural weighing solutions cater to all your requirements, ranging from input and output management on-site to the quantification of agricultural products. We provide specialized agricultural weighbridges and automated access control terminals tailored to your needs. Additionally, our solutions streamline transshipment operations with our circuit scales.

Maximize your agricultural efficiency with purpose-built weighing solutions crafted for the agriculture sector

In today’s dynamic landscape of modern agriculture, having effective tools is paramount to optimizing yields and minimizing expenses. Weighing solutions provide unmatched precision, enabling precise measurement of every crop, animal, or product for enhanced management and planning.

Whether you require precise weighing for crops, animals, or products, top-tier weighing solutions can elevate your agricultural productivity. Leveraging advanced technologies and high-precision sensors, these solutions ensure dependable and precise data for informed decision-making.

Don’t allow weight to impede your agricultural success. Embrace efficient weighing solutions today and reap the rewards of heightened productivity and streamlined farm management.

Advantages of using efficient weighing solutions in the Agricultural sector

Whether you are an independent farmer or a large farm, weighing solutions adapted to your specific needs are essential to optimize your productivity.

The undeniable benefits of using efficient weighing solutions in the agricultural sector include:

  • Determine the exact quantity of agricultural products, livestock or other materials
  • Save time and reduce manual workload, thus improving the overall efficiency of agricultural operations using automated weighing solutions
  • Monitoring the quality of agricultural products
  • Monitor circuit scales using monitoring software
  • Control and manage loading/unloading operations

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