Activities conducted within quarries, mining operations, and various other industries.

Big Gram: Specialized in providing weighing solutions tailored to the needs of the extractive industry.

Drawing from our proficiency in the quarry and mining sector, Big Gram offers a comprehensive suite of weighing, dosing, and production tracking solutions designed specifically for the extractive industry. Recognizing the distinctiveness of each mining site or quarry, we prioritize flexibility and customization in our Extractive Industry Weighing Solutions, ensuring alignment with your environment and objectives.


Essential metrics within the industry.

The quarry and materials from arid regions sector hold a vital yet frequently overlooked position in infrastructure development. With their considerable demand, these materials rank second only to water as the most utilized resources in society. Extracted from quarries and gravel pits, and subsequently processed to meet construction project requirements, they form the backbone of this sector. Advocating for sustainable policies and practices is imperative to ensure responsible resource utilization and management within this domain.

The operations or ventures.

Aggregates sourced from quarries and gravel pits necessitate precise weighing solutions to effectively gauge vehicles and materials across diverse locations. This precision in weighing is crucial for regulating quantities utilized in construction, minimizing losses, and upholding stringent quality standards. Through the implementation of appropriate weighing solutions, businesses operating in the aggregates sector can enhance productivity, lower expenses, and adhere to prevailing regulations. This, in turn, facilitates efficient management of materials extracted from quarries and gravel pits.

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Robust vehicles, such as dumpers and those of substantial size.

To maintain farm operations’ efficiency and optimize their output, precise weighing of the vehicles employed is indispensable. These vehicles encompass a spectrum, ranging from colossal dump trucks capable of transporting up to 400 tons and weighing over 600 tons themselves, to medium-sized dumpers or road transport trucks. The precision of weight measurements holds paramount significance in guaranteeing the seamless operation of these endeavors.

Choices between portable or stationary solutions

A comprehensive assessment of the site, its utilization, and the frequency of traffic is crucial for determining the optimal weighing solution. Potential options to explore comprise axle weighing systems or truck scales. Additionally, assessing the mobility of the weighing system is essential for making a well-informed decision.


Enhance the efficiency of your production facilities with our cutting-edge weighing solutions

Weighbridges play a pivotal role in the arid sector by providing precise weight management of extracted materials. They ensure meticulous control over quantities used, regulatory compliance, and facilitate accurate billing. Moreover, they streamline operations and mitigate costs associated with weighing inaccuracies, boasting durability in rigorous mining environments.

By investing in top-quality, adaptable weighbridges, operators can elevate their management practices, thereby enhancing efficiency in material extraction.

With years of experience as a reputable weighbridge manufacturer, BiG Gram leverages its extensive expertise in the aggregates industry.

f weighing products for the primary sector.

Benefits offered by our weighing solutions tailored for the extractive sector

  • Effectively oversee inbound and outbound traffic at your production sites utilizing our specialized scale bridge ranges and automated access control terminals designed for the Extractive Industry.
  • Monitor the production of each site in real-time for enhanced visibility and control.
  • Facilitate remote management of your production operations for increased efficiency.
  • Guarantee accurate weighing of loads and discharges via road, river, or rail with belt tipping technology.
  • Instantly access a real-time overview of your operational, productivity, and energy performance metrics.

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